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All About Machines That Make Life Easier


Not very long ago, people had to work hard to take care of basic tasks. Washing a few clothes could take several hours or even days. People had to heat water on a stove and then scrub clothes on a washboard. The clothing was then sent through a ringer to remove excess water and then hung on a line to dry.

Some Machines at Home - Science for Kids All About Machines That Make Like Easier

Some machines used in your home. Keep reading to know all about machines that make life easier.

Cooking was also a big job. First, people had to cut wood to make a fire in a stove. They had to chop any vegetables or ingredients by hand. They had to heat up water on the stove. Finally, cooking the food took a long time. Today, most people in the U.S. have machines to make life easier. With just a push of a button, we can clean our homes, cook our food and wash our clothes.

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Modern Toaster Machine Image

Before toasters were invented, people toasted bread over a fire.

Fun Facts about Machines that Make Life Easier for Kids

  • Washing machines have a big drum that holds the clothes. A motor turns the drum slowly to wash the clothes and fast to remove the water. A heating element even warms the water to get clothes cleaner.
  • Blenders and food processors chop, grate or puree food in seconds.
  • Before toasters were invented, people toasted bread over a fire.
  • Before electricity, people heated heavy irons over a fire to iron clothing.
  • Microwaves vibrate the liquid in food to heat it in just a few seconds or minutes.
  • Calculators let you add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers in seconds.
  • Your computer can do millions of jobs for you – write letters, make projects, research information, pay bills, buy clothing and books or do your taxes.
  • Lawn mowers cut lawn quickly. Chain saws cut wood.
Calculator Machine Image

Calculators is a machine that let you add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers in seconds.

Machine Vocabulary

  1. Basic: simple, everyday
  2. Washboard: a board with metal rungs to clean clothes
  3. Excess: extra
  4. Puree: turn a solid food to a liquid. A smoothie is an example of a pureed food.
  5. Research: study and learn

Learn More All About Machines That Make Life Easier

Have a look at this video about machines used for construction:

A video about construction equipment that make life easier.

Machine Q&A

Question: When were modern appliances first invented?

Answer: Most of the appliances we use were invented in the 1900s, after electricity was invented.


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