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3D Illusions


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                                                  3D Illusion Facts

An optical illusion can be defined as a way of tricking our brain to see something that is not actually there. Human brain put images together to expect certain things. A 3d illusion tricks our mind to make you think that an object is 3d while it is not. It is generated by a visual system.

There are three different types of illusions. Literal illusions are that create images different from the objects. Physiological illusions affect our eyes and brain by over-stimulation of color, size, movement, brightness etc. Cognitive illusions are when the brain is tricked to make wrong decisions.


Quick Facts: –

  • Movies are an example of optical illusion. The entire film is nothing more than a series of still photographs.
  • An illusion proves that you do not always see what you think you did. It completely depends on how an image is perceived and interpreted by your visual system.
  • Human brain keeps constructing things and it is required for your survival. Sometimes, these constructions are fictional.
  • A computer monitor is also an example of optical illusion. The screen is actually made up of tiny red, green, and blue dots.
  • Human beings see with both our brain and our eyes.
  • When we look at an object, the information travels through circuits of neurons, through the thalamus and into the brain’s visual cortex.
  • Sometimes, magicians are referred to as illusionists as they use illusions in all of their magic tricks.
  • Visual illusions are also defined by the dissociation between the physical reality and the perception we make.


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