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5 Easy Fun Science Experiments for Kids to Do At Home Video

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                                     Easy Fun Science Experiment

Science is not all about work. You can enjoy science concepts if you learn them by interesting science experiment. In this video, five super easy fun experiments are demonstrated.

  • Sink or Swim: – For this experiment, you will need two oranges, one peeled and another one should not be peeled. Then, take a jug of water and dump both the oranges one by one. You will observe that the peeled orange sank and the unpeeled one will float. The reason behind this is, orange peel has air bubbles and these bubbles made the orange float in the water.
  • Pepper on the run: – Take a small dish and pour some water in it. If you sprinkle some pepper then it will spread on the surface of the water. Now, dip your fingertip in liquid dish soap and place this finger on the surface of water. You will see that all the pepper will settle to the edges of the bowl. It happens because the surface tension.
  • Dancing Oobleck: – Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid that has properties of both liquid and solid. To make Oobleck, take some cornstarch in a bowl and add some water in it. If you will slowly dip your finger in it then it will feel like a liquid and if you will squeeze or punch it then it will feel like a solid. Now, wrap a sub woofer or speaker with plastic and put some Oobleck on the plastic. Then play the music. You will be able to see dancing Oobleck.
  • Rainbow in a jar: – For this experiment, you will require water, light corn syrup, olive oil, blue dish soap, food colours. Add red colour to light corn syrup and add green colour to water. Now, take a jar. Pour the corn syrup first. After that pour dish soap, then water and add olive oil at last. Wait for some time and you will be able to see 4 different layers of different colours in the same jar. It happens because densities of all these liquids are different.
  • Sparkly Volcano: – For this experiment, you will require a transparent jar. Put some baking soda in that jar. Add a little amount of coloured glitter in it. The glitter will make the volcano sparkle. Now as the final step, pour some vinegar in it. As the result, you will see a sparkly volcano. It happens because when we add vinegar to baking soda, a chemical reaction takes place.


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