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8th Grade Science Fair Projects for Kids Video


                                             Fun Science Fair Project

This Fun Science Fair Project is to demonstrate an experiment How to make rain in a jar. This experiment will give you a chance to explore clouds and rain in a fun and engaging way.

Requirements: –

  • Glass jar
  • Ceramic plate
  • Hot water
  • Ice cubes

Procedure: –

  • Pour the hot water in the glass jar so that it gets filled to a 2 inches level.
  • Now cover it with ceramic plate in way that the face stays in upwards direction.
  • Wait for approximately three minutes.
  • Put the ice cubes on the ceramic plate which is placed on the glass jar.
  • Now set the jar aside and watch how it starts to rain in it.

Concept: –

The ceramic plate gets cooled after placing ice cubes on it. It causes the moisture in the air inside the container. It gets condensed and starts to form water droplets. The same concept works in our environment as well. When the moisture increases in the warm air, it rises and meets the colder air which is already high in the atmosphere. This causes the precipitation to fall to the ground.



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