All about Avalanche Fun Science Facts for Kids - Snow Avalanche image
All about Avalanche Fun Science Facts for Kids - Snow Avalanche image
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Imagine a winter day in the mountains. The snow glistens white and the air is still. Now imagine all that snow hurtling down the mountain at 80 miles per hour like a steam engine.

Avalanches are fast and deadly, but they usually give some warning signs.

Fun Facts about Avalanche for Kids

  • Avalanches are most likely to happen after a heavy snow storm that drops at least 12 inches of new snow on top of old snow.
  • Avalanches happen because heavy snow fall causes layers of snow and ice underneath to become unstable. Great slabs of frozen snow break off like pieces of glass. Yikes!
  • Experts can tell when the risk of an avalanche is low, medium or high. If you go to the mountains, you might see signs detailing the risk.

Avalanche Vocabulary

  1. Glistens: shines
  2. Still: no sound
  3. Hurtling: moving rapidly, usually without control
  4. Unstable: dangerous, unpredictable
  5. Slab: sheet or piece

All about Avalanche Video for Kids

Watch this awesome Avalanche video for kids:

A video that explains all about avalanches and demonstrates how they work.

Avalanche Q&A

Question: How can I survive an avalanche?

Answer: First, always ski or snowboard with an adult and stay on designated runs. If you get caught in an avalanche, ski downward fast and then go to the right or left to get out of the way. Grab onto a tree if you can or swim fast against the avalanche. Carve out a hole around you in the snow and then raise your hand high.


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