All About Cognitive Science

We all know that the brain is an organ inside of our body. What about the mind? The mind resides in our brain, but it’s not really something we can see. The mind involves a group of abilities such as thinking, memory, imagination, intelligence, and language. Cognitive Science is the scientific study of how the mind works.

Cognitive Science
  • Since the mind has so many functions, the study of cognitive science is considered interdisciplinary. It is connected with the study of psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, anthropology, artificial intelligence, and philosophy.
  • Research in cognitive science helps us understand how people learn. These findings are important in the study of education so that teachers can help students learn well.
  • The word “cognitive” has to do with the process of knowing. Our minds are fascinating and many scientists are curious about how we think, how we learn, why we behave the way we do, and much more.
  • Some physical illnesses affect the processes of the mind and cause things like memory loss and thinking problems, particularly with age. Cognitive science can help us understand these diseases.
  • Computer scientists who develop artificial intelligence are concerned with cognitive science. In order to mimic the human mind, you need to understand how it works.
  • Psychologists are professionals interested in understanding thoughts, emotions, and behaviour so that they can help people. Studying how the mind works is an important part of the study of psychology.
  • Anthropology is the study of things that make us human and considers our bodies, our history, culture, and societies. This study contributes to the study of cognitive science.


Interdisciplinary: Combining two or more disciplines or fields of study

Artificial Intelligence: A machine that has traits associated with the human mind

Questions and Answers

Question: Can cognitive science research help you not waste time when you play video games?

Answer: Yes. Experts in cognitive science, involved in video game development, can create games that help our brains with things like problem-solving skills and memory. It is important though, that playing video games is balanced with other activities.

Video Game

Question: Are there things we can do to help keep our brain and mind healthy?

Answer: Just like any other part of our body, our brain and mind are most healthy when we get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of exercise.

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