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Metamorphic Rock

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Metamorphosis means change or transformation. Metamorphic rock always starts as another kind of rock – usually sedimentary rock, such as shale, chalk, limestone or sandstone.

Intense pressure or heat may cause the stones undergo metamorphosis and harden and develop new crystals.

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Earth Science Fun Facts for Kids All About Metamorphic Rock - a Diagram Showing Magma Heat Causing Rocks to Change

Earth Science Fun Facts for Kids All About Metamorphic Rock – a Diagram Showing Magma Heat Causing Rocks to Change

Fun Facts About Metamorphic Rocks for Kids

  • Many metamorphic rocks are made of layers that can be split apart. Slate is often split to make thin, durable roofing tiles.
  • Magma under the earth sometimes heats rocks, causing them to change. Rocks near tectonic plates may change because of the intense pressure and heat generated where two plates meet and rub against each other.
  • Marble is a type of metaphoric rock made from limestone or chalk and is usually found in the mountains. Marble often contains veins. Although durable, this rock can be dissolved by lemon juice or other acids.

Metamorphic Rock Vocabulary

  1. Metamorphosis: change or transformation
  2. Metamorphic rock: rock that has been altered
  3. Magma: hot, liquid rock beneath the Earth’s surface
  4. Durable: strong, sturdy

All About Metamorphic Rock Video for Kids

Check out this cool video about Metamorphic Rocks for kids:

Metamorphic Rock Q&A

Question: Can igneous rocks become metamorphic rocks?

Answer: Yes. These rocks are typically formed deep in the Earth’s crust where one plate is pushed beneath another plate – a subduction zone.


Question: What are the types of rocks that change into Metamorphic Rocks?

Answer: As long as the original rock or protolith is subjected to heat (temperatures greater than 150 to 200 °C) and pressure, it may undergo a physical or chemical change. The protolith may be sedimentary rock, igneous rock or another older metamorphic rock.


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