Animal Research for Kids – Video for Kids

                                                Animal Research

Animal research can be defined as doing basic research on animals and producing their genetically modified offspring. Animals provide a useful model for studying about diseases that are found in both humans and animals. Some animals like frog, mice have a physiology somewhat similar to that of a human. In most of the countries, experimenting on animals is regulated by law so that no animal suffers. Testing centers must follow a proper protocol to carry out their experiment which makes sure that no animal is getting harmed.

Quick Facts: –

  • Animals are also used in basic biomedical research, behavioural research, drug testing and product development.
  • Most of the animal research or you can say 95% of it is done in rodents and they are specifically bred for this purpose.
  • There are huge benefits of carrying out all the product tests on animals before approving it for human use.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, biomedical research does not result in pain and distress to animals.
  • It is generally believed that medicines that work in people are toxic to animals and vice versa but it is not true.
  • Animals are expensive to acquire and care for so it is not economically practical to use many different animals.
  • There are three main categories of animal research: Applied Research, Pure Research and Toxicology Research.
  • Testing of any type of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients on animals has been strictly banned.
  • Use of animals has been reduced to some extents because now there are non-animal alternatives available.