Apo Reef

Apo Reef is a series of coral reefs that spreads over an area of 34 square kilometers which makes it the second largest contiguous coral reef system in the world and largest in the Philippines. It is located within the waters of Occidental Mindoro province in the Philippines.

This reef and expansive waters are administered by the Apo Reef Natural Park. This natural park consists of the three islands and Apo reef is the largest of all of them. It is located at the northern tip of the Coral Triangle.


Quick Facts: –

  • It has a shallow lagoon which is surrounded by mangrove forests. Its depth ranges anywhere between 2 to 10 meters.
  • The reef system has a high diversity of corals, fish and also other variants of marine life.
  • On its east side there is Shark Ridge that sloped down to around 25 meters. Blacktip and Whitetip Reef sharks can be found here.
  • Apo Island is on the west side. It is home to sea turtles and numerous shark species.
  • Most part of Apo Island is in the submerged area in the center of the triangle. Other Islands can be seen upon the water’s surface.
  • This reef system was declared as a marine park in 1996.
  • The peripheral Buffer Zone of the National Park covers an area of 15,792 hectares in total.
  • These waters are quite undisturbed so we get to see a huge variety of marine life here like stingrays, sharks, sea snakes etc.