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Have you ever drawn a picture to show how you were feeling? Art has always been a powerful way to express ideas and emotions. More than 100,000 years ago, people buried the dead with beads or other objects. These objects may have helped them remember the dead. Later, people made jewelry from stones or metal. Researchers have found sculptures that are 40,000 years old.

Art was – and still is – a way to share who you are, what you believe in and which tribe you belong to. Sculptures were sometimes made as a tribute to a god or as a good luck token. Art is also a way to document a certain time in history.

Fun Geography for Kids on Art – Image of a Oil painting In Art

Fun Facts

  • The first artists used ashes from fire, red clay or natural pigments from plants for paint.
  • Today, artists can choose from many mediums, including oil paints, watercolor, chalk, pastel, pencils and pens. Artists create their work on computers and even tablets.
  • Artists can also use video, photographs, paper, metal, plastic or even recycled materials in their art.
  • Some artists create art that is displayed in museums or galleries. Other artists produce art for books, movies, commercials and websites. Even products like your breakfast cereal are packaged in boxes designed by artists.


  1. Express: share
  2. Emotions: feelings
  3. Sculpture: three dimensional art
  4. Pigment: color, dye
  5. Ash: the blackened remains of burnt wood or other material

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Extra Credit

Question: How can I become a better artist?

Answer: Simply painting or doodling for the fun of it is a worthwhile effort, but you can become a better artist with a bit of practice. Vincent Van Gogh, a very famous artist, taught himself to draw mostly by copying the work of other great artists. Once he’d learned a few tricks, he created his own art.