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Atomium Building Facts


The Atomium is located in Brussels, Belgium at the Heysel plateau. This building symbolizes a crystallized molecule of iron. Its atoms are magnified 150 thousand million times. It is an international tourist attraction. It was created by the architects Andre Waterkeyn and Jean Polak in 1958 on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Brussels.

Now, it has become one of the major landmarks of the city. The structure comprises of nine large spheres that represent atoms. These spheres are joined by tubes. The structure is made of steel clad with aluminium.


Quick Facts: –

  • The diameter of each sphere is 18 meters. The distance between the spheres is about 30 meters.
  • An elevator takes only 23 seconds to get to the top of the sphere.
  • Total height of the structure is 102 meters and the total mass is 2,400 tons. It is supported by three bipods and coated with aluminium.
  • There is a restaurant at the top sphere that has a capacity for 140 guests.
  • It was not originally designed to be a permanent structure.
  • This structure took approximately 18 months to build.
  • The construction work started in March 1956.
  • The top sphere provides a panoramic view of the city of Brussels.
  • There is an urban square at the foot of the structure.
  • The observation deck in the top sphere has a capacity for 250 people.
  • Each floor has an area of around 240 square meters.
  • It is flexible also, the upper sphere can move up to 18 inches.


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