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Bald Eagle Facts for Kids Video


                                                        Bald Eagle

A bald eagle is the only eagle which is unique to North America. It is the powerful national emblem of United States of America since 1782. They are also considered as a spiritual symbol by native people. A bald eagle can be easily recognized by its white head, brown body and wings with a hooked yellow beak. They prefer to live near a constant source of water. They generally feed on fish, snakes, duck and turtles. Bald eagles go after other creatures’ catches rather than doing their own fishing. These birds were about to go extinct but they have made a comeback with the help of laws created to protect them.

Quick Facts: –

  • They are one of the largest raptors in the world.
  • Female bald eagles are bigger than males in size with around 3 feet long bodies and a wingspan of about 8 feet.
  • They usually mate for life and share parenting duties.
  • Bald eagles have a sharper vision as compared to humans and their field of vision is wider.
  • They can swim as well and catch their food there.
  • These Eagles hold the record for the largest nest of any bird.
  • Their average lifespan can range somewhere from 25-30years in wild. The oldest living bald eagle is 38 years old.
  • They were removed from the list of endangered species in 2007.
  • These large birds have a rather wimpy voice for their size.
  • Their sharp and pointed beaks help them to rip and tear the prey into bite-size pieces.


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