Best Arctic Wolf Facts Video for Kids

                                             Arctic Wolf

Arctic wolves are mammals. It is a sub species of gray wolf. They live in some of the coldest area of this world where temperature can reach up to -30°C. They can easily tolerate these harsh conditions.

Fast Facts: –

  • Their scientific name is Canis Lupus Arctos.
  • They live in Arctic circle, Alaska, Iceland and Greenland.
  • They are usually smaller than gray wolves and have smaller ears, comparatively shorter snouts and legs.
  • They have thick and insulating white coat. They have two thick layers of fur. Inner layer is water proof and outer layer keeps the heat in. In winters, outer thick layer becomes even thicker to keep them warm.
  • Arctic wolves generally live in a group of around 6 individuals.
  • Arctic wolves are carnivores.
  • They can easily walk on the frozen ground because their feet are designed in such a way.
  • Baby wolves are called ‘pups’. Pups are born blind and deaf.
  • They have an average lifespan of about 7 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.
  • They generally prey on musk oxen, arctic hares, lemmings, seals, arctic foxes etc.
  • A fully grown arctic wolf can reach up to 150 pounds in weight and 5 ft. in height.