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Best Egg Drop Experiment Video for Kids


                                       Egg Drop Experiment

In this experiment, we will get an egg to drop into a glass of water but the egg is sitting high above the water on a cardboard roll and a plate is between the roll and the water.

Procedure: –

  • Fill a glass about ¾ full with water. Now center the plate on top of the glass.
  • Now put the cardboard roll vertically on the plate and position it directly over the water.
  • Then place the egg o the top of the roll.
  • Stand right behind the entire set up. Now you will have to drop the egg in the glass of water but you are not going to touch the egg or cardboard roll.
  • Hold your right hand straight out and hit the edge of the plate.
  • You will require enough force to knock the cardboard roll out under the egg. Now the egg will automatically directly into the water.

Concept: –

This experiment uses the theory behind Isaac Newton’s First law of motion. The law states that moving objects want to keep moving and stationary objects want to stay still until an external force acts on them.




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