Best Facts About Space Video for Kids

                                                   Best Space Facts

There is a lot to wonder about space. It is beautiful and vast which makes us think that we may be not alone. Nobody knows the exact answer for this but we are still trying to find out. Sound needs a medium to travel. Space is and always will be eerily silent as there is no medium for sound to travel. Space does not have any atmosphere as well.

Quick Facts: –

  • There are giant water bodies floating in the space.
  • There are more than 50,000 pieces of space junk.
  • We cannot cry in space because our tears won’t fall.
  • Our Galaxy- Milky Way is moving at a speed of 225 kilometres per second.
  • We have total eight planets in our solar system but there are thousands other planets out there.
  • Space actually begins at the universal marker of the Karman line. It is just 100 km. above.
  • Dirty underpants and toilet paper have helped grown plants in the International Space Station.
  • Astronauts on the ISS see around 15 sunrise and 15 sunsets every day.
  • Earth is the only planet known to support any type of life form.
  • A day on Mercury lasts approximately as long as 59 days on earth.
  • If metal touches in space, it bond easily and stuck together permanently.
  • If you ever stepped on the moon, your footprints would remain there forever.