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                                                   Friction Facts

Friction can be defined as a force that resists motion when the surfaces of two different objects come into contact with each other. It acts in a different direction. Friction reduces the mechanical advantage. Without friction, it will be difficult for a certain object to stay on its position without slipping.

Types of friction: –

  • Dry friction
  • Fluid friction
  • Rolling friction

Quick Facts: –

  • Static friction can be defined as something that stops things starting to slide.
  • Dynamic friction can be defined as a friction that slows down sliding surfaces.
  • The ration between the friction and the weight of the sliding object is known as the coefficient of friction (CF).
  • Some oils or lubricants are used to reduce friction. The lubricant creates a film that keeps the solid surfaces apart.
  • Friction can be a useful force sometimes because it prevents our shoes slipping on the pavement.
  • Viscosity can be defined as the internal friction in a fluid.
  • When two objects are rubbing against each other and one of them starts to slip that means it is losing energy.
  • This energy is not real. It is kinetic energy and can be transformed into heat.


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