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Best Ideas for Science Fair Projects Video for Kids

                                    Ideas for Science Fair Projects

This is a great video that compiles 10 great experiments you can use to get ideas for a science fair project. You will find a list of all the materials needed for each experiment before it is demonstrated, and you will see how to do the experiment with the step by step instructions in the video.

  • Take some warm water in a container and add some dish soap to it. Mix it well so that you get a soapy solution. Now put some pieces of dry ice into it. You will see, it starts forming bubbles and when you pop these bubbles, smoke comes out.
  • In this experiment, take two glasses. Pour some milk in one glass and in another one, pour some Kahlua party liquor. Using a thin plastic sheet, adjust the party liquor glass over the glass which is full of milk. Now make a small slit in it by sliding the plastic sheet a bit. You will be amazed to see how both the liquids get mixed.
  • Get a super cooled soda bottle out of the freezer. When you start pouring it into a cup, you will see that it freezes as soon as it gets poured. This is how you get coke slush which is absolutely edible.
  • Grab an empty cup and make hole on its bottom with the help of scissors. Now put some dry ice in it and close its opening with the ceramic wrap and a rubber band. Now pour some hot water into it and you will see smoke come out. When you hit the ceramic wrap with your finger gently then you will be able to see smoke rings.
  • Take 12 cotton swabs and glue them together so that you get a shape similar to a cube. Now take a bowl with some soapy solution in it. Take your cube and dip its each side into this solution. You will see that the soap film has formed a cube inside it.
  • You can make your shoes water resistant just with a candle. Take the shoe and start rubbing the candle all over it. Now take a hair drier putting it on a high temperature and blow it on the shoe. You will see that all wax is melted and soaked up in the shoe.