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Best Jobs for Kids Song Video


                                                 Best Jobs for Kids

This video features an amazing song for kids about different types of jobs. At this age, you have endless future possibilities. You can look at a variety of professions by discovering your own passion. Career scope changes with time but you need to choose the path which is of your interest. Career selection is a taxing phase of your life where you feel the void of guidance. A few career options are explained below: –

  • Teacher: – a teacher has a wide variety of responsibilities like developing classroom curricula, proctoring exams, teaching etc. There are many levels of teaching like elementary, middle school, high school, secondary education, post secondary education.
  • Dentist: – There are many convincing reasons to choose dentistry as a career. It offers an opportunity of playing an important in people’s health and well being. With this occupation you can give people smiles they are proud to wear.
  • Pilot: – Basically a pilot is responsible for flying aircrafts on long and short flights. He checks pre-flight plans before takeoff. These plans include route and technical details.
  • Baker: – A baker typically does various tasks like: – Checking the bakery ingredients, preparation of recipe and then finally cook. There are two common types like: – Retail baker and commercial baker.
  • Actor: – You must have a favourite actor. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to choose acting as a profession? Professional actors perform in plays, movies, TV shows etc.
  • Doctor: – A doctor provides diagnosis, counselling and treatments to his patients. There are various medical fields like: – paediatrics, cardiology etc. in which a doctor can specialize.


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