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                                                  Jupiter Facts

Jupiter is the fifth planet out from the Sun and the fourth brightest object in the entire solar system. It is also the largest planet of all the eight planets. It is named after the Roman King of the gods. This planet has a total of 67 confirmed moons. These moons are divided into three different categories which are Inner moons, Outer moons, and Galilean moons. Ganymede is the largest moon of this planet and also in the entire solar system. Jupiter has a unique cloud layer as its upper atmosphere is divided into zones and cloud belts. These zones and cloud belts are entirely made of sulfur and ammonia crystals.

Quick Facts: –

  • There is a huge storm on Jupiter named as The Great Red Spot. It has raged for at least 350 years.
  • Till now, a total of 8 spacecraft have visited the planet.
  • This planet is so massive that it can hold more than 1,200 earths inside it.
  • Io is one of the four largest moons of the planet. It is also the most volcanically active object in the entire solar system.
  • Jupiter also has a thin ring system. These rings are mainly composed of dust particles.
  • This gaseous planet has an atmosphere that seems like an ocean of gases.
  • The magnetosphere of Jupiter is the biggest object in the entire solar system. It is 20 times stronger than the Earth’s.
  • Galilean moons were first discovered in 1610 by astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  • Jupiter takes about 11.86 earth year to complete one orbit of the Sun.
  • The axis of the planet is tilted only by 3.13 degrees. This is the reason why Jupiter does not experience seasons.
  • This tilt is the second lowest of all the planets in the entire solar system. Mercury has the lowest.