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                                         Best Facts about Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet out from the Sun. It is known as a gas giant because it is made primarily of gases. It is the fourth brightest object in the entire solar system and one of the five planets that are visible to the naked human eye from earth. This planet is named after the king of the Roman gods. It turns on its axis so fast that it completes one rotation in 9 hours 55 minutes. This also means that Jupiter has the shortest day of all the planets. Because of this high speed, the planet has flattened out at poles. There is a huge storm on the planet raging for at least 350 years. There are times when this storm completely disappears

Fast Facts: –

  • Jupiter also has a thin ring system. Its rings are composed mainly of dust particles.
  • The planet has an atmospheric pressure 1000 times greater than that on the earth.
  • The distance between Jupiter and the Sun is 5.2 AU. The sunlight takes 43 minutes to reach the planet.
  • This planet has a total of 67 moons. Ganymede is the largest of all of them. It is also the largest moon in the entire solar system.
  • Io, one of the Jupiter’s moons is the most volcanically active celestial body in the solar system.
  • The atmosphere of the planet is made up of hydrogen and helium. The upper part is divided into cloud belts and zones.
  • Till now, a total of eight spacecrafts have visited the planet.
  • Astronomers often call Jupiter a failed star.
  • The reason for this is, the planet is rich in hydrogen and helium like a star but does not have nearly enough mass to trigger a fusion reaction at its core.
  • The clouds on this planet are only 50 kilometre thick.


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