Best Marble Chain Reaction Video for Kids

                                            Chain Reaction Facts

This is a nice video of marbles traveling in every ramp before they reach out to their final destination. Check out the chain reaction on marbles with this fun video.

A chain reaction device can be defined as a complex machine that performs a simple task in a complicated way. In this, a series of events take place and each event triggers the next one. These machines which are intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect manner are known as Rube Goldberg Machines. These machines were described as new inventions to accomplish easy, straightforward tasks through a series of convoluted steps involving chain reactions.

Every simple machine used in this complicated system is known as an individual stage. It contains at least one or sometime more trigger mechanisms that are used to activate the chain reaction.

Today, Goldberg’s work exists between us in the form of annual competitions to create Rube Goldberg Machines. In these competitions, participants try to make the most elaborative and creative contraptions.

Rube Goldberg’s machines use the concept that human automatism is not just incidental but quite basic to them.

There is a famous cartoon named as the ‘Self-operating Napkin’ which sums up what these machines are all about. It uses a series of complicated steps to perform a simple task which is wiping chin.