Best Non Living Things Video for Kids

                                                  Non-living Things

Non-living things are which do not have a life. Some examples of them are bell, book, doll, fan, ink-pot, iron box, jar, pencil, pen, pot etc.

Non-living things,

  • Do not move
  • Do not grow
  • Do not require food and water
  • Do not reproduce

Quick Facts: –

  • In simple words, these things can be defined as ones that lack the characteristics of life.
  • These things do not require any type of energy to continue existing.
  • Some of these things display growth sometimes but this process occurs by accretion.
  • These things do not have any senses and cannot feel anything.
  • These things do not move until any kind of external force is applied.
  • Such things do not excrete. It means they do not have any process for removal of waste from their body.

Types of Non-living things: –

  • One type of such things includes those that were never part of a living thing. Examples are stone, rocks, gold etc.
  • The other type includes those which used to be a part of living things. Examples are coal, wood etc.