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                                     Life cycle of a plant

A seed is the starting point a plant’s life cycle. It starts from germination of the seed. The seed will sprout and produce seedling. Every seed contains a new plant. An outer covering which is called seed coat protects that new plant. A seed will start developing that plant only in certain suitable conditions. For germination, water is the most required thing. As the seed absorbs the water, it will increase in size. It simply means that a plant is being developed inside the seed. In this process, the seed coat will crack a little.

Once the germination will be completed, the plant will become visible. It is the phase of root growth. Required supply of water and food is started. Roots anchor a plant. Now a green colour will be visible on the sprout. After this phase, leaves are developed. And the plant can make food for itself through photosynthesis. Sunlight is necessary for this process. As the time goes, the plant becomes stronger and produces more leaves. Now it becomes an adult plant.

Next phase is reproduction. Flower is the reproductive part of a plant. An adult plant produces flowers. Pollination of flowers will be done with the help of birds and insects. It is required for fertilization. After this, flowers will transform into fruits. A single fruit contains many seeds. After consuming the fruit, we will again have seeds. One those seeds are completely dry, they are ready to get planted. And the life cycle will get repeated.




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