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Best Scientific Method Steps Video for Kids


                                        Scientific Method Steps

A scientific method can be defined as a process of experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. It can be referred to a broad framework for studying and learning about something in a more scientific way. There are few scientific method steps that can vary slightly and get interchanged sometimes but mostly remain the same.

  • Make an observation: – The very first step takes place when our curious mind comes across an unusual phenomenon which is worth further thought and investigation.
  • Ask a question: – On the basis of that observation, when we think about it further, our mind forms a question. A general wondering about the subject gets converted into a channelled sequence of deeper thoughts.
  • Form a hypothesis: – In order to answer all these questions, a hypothesis is formed. A hypothesis can be defined as an approx guess as to the most possible answer of the question. Forming a hypothesis requires a detailed background research.
  • Make a prediction: – Once you have a structured hypothesis, you can make a prediction. They are possible outcomes that we expect to see if our hypothesis is correct.
  • Test the prediction: – In this step, we perform an experiment to check whether our prediction is correct or not. If the result supports the prediction then experiment is successful and if they contradict each other then we need to perform the experiment again.
  • Iterate: – Now use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions.
  • Conclude: – Once you are done with the experiment and the analysis of the collected data is completed, you will have a conclusion.


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