Best Solid Liquid & Gas Song Video for Kids

                                     All about Solid, Liquid and Gas

Everything which is around us is matter from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It is made of atoms. Atom is the smallest particle of matter. Groups of atoms are known as molecules. There are three states of matter Solid, Liquid and Gas. The state of matter of any matter is decided by the physical characteristics of atoms and molecules.

Solid: – In this state, the matter has atoms packed very tightly together so that nothing can move through it. These substances hold their shape at room temperature. The density of matter is determined by how tightly the atoms are packed together. These atoms have strong forces called bonds. These particles can vibrate in a fixed position but cannot move from one place to another. A solid cannot flow and also cannot be squashed.

Liquid: – In liquid state, atoms are attached with each other but their bond is weaker as compared to the bond in solids. This is the reason why they don’t hold their shape at room temperature. Liquids flow downwards and are very hard to grab or hold. Their volume can never change. They can also change their state to gas when heated and to solid when cooled.

Gas: – In this state of matter, atoms are very loosely connected with each other. They have very weak bonds and keep moving from one place to another. At room temperature, gases do not even stay put because the space between the atoms is very much. This is also the reason why they can be compressed. Unlike solid or liquid, gases are not influenced by gravity.