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Best Trivia Questions and Answers Video for Kids


                                    Trivia Questions and Answers

This is a fun question and answer video. It has total 20 questions and all of them are about science.

  1. How many atoms are in one ounce of carbon?

a.) 1.5 Million

b.) 50 Quadrillion

c.) 9 Billion

d.) 500,000

  1. Who invented the lightning rod?

a.) Nikola Tesla

b.) Benjamin Franklin

c.) Francis Beaufort

d.) Eli Whitney

  1. When was the element polonium discovered?

a.) 1993

b.) 1799

c.) 1898

d.) No Such Element

  1. In 1907 Ernest Rutherford used radioactivity to measure what?

a.) Earth’s Diameter

b.) Weight of Stars

c.) He’s a Singer

d.) Age of Rocks

  1. What is Earth’s survival instinct called?

a.) Kepler’s Conjecture

b.) Fermat’s Theory

c.) Gaia Hypothesis

d.) Drake’s Equation

  1. Why did Galileo recant his discoveries in 1632?

a.) Flawed Eyepiece

b.) He was Tortured

c.) He did not

d.) Miscalculation

  1. Before clocks, what did medieval Arabs use to tell time?

a.) Cryosphere

b.) Astrolabe

c.) Pandura

d.) Chrono Trigger

  1. What did Dutch eyeglass maker Zacharias Janssen invent in 1590?

a.) Telescope

b.) Magnifying Glass

c.) Microscope

d.) Steam Engine

  1. What formula predicts the energy released from splitting an atom?

a.) A2 + B2 = C2

b.) S = UT + 1/2AT2

c.) None of these

d.) E = mc2

  1. How long ago was the ‘Big Bang’?

a.) 5.9 Billion Years

b.) 3 Trillion Years

c.) 350 Million Years

d.) 13.7 Billion Years

  1. Who paid $20 million to be the first space tourist?

a.) Dennis Tito

b.) Richard Garriott

c.) Mark Shuttleworth

d.) Stephen Colbert

  1. What did the Roslin Institute clone in 1996?

a.) Pig

b.) Human Embryo

c.) Stem Cells

d.) Sheep

  1. How much time was spent on the moon during the Apollo missions?

a.) 300 hours

b.) 59 hours

c.) Two weeks

d.) 4.4 hours

  1. Who was the scientist in charge of the Manhattan Project?

a.) Donald Arthur Glaser

b.) Albert Einstein

c.) J. Robert Oppenheimer

d.) Leslie R. Groves

  1. The Atlantic Ocean grows at a rate about as fast as what?

a.) Oak Tree

b.) Fingernails

c.) Its declining actually

d.) It doesn’t

  1. What gives natural gas its odor?

a.) Water

b.) Ancient oil deposit

c.) T-Butyl Mercaptan

d.) Decaying sulfur

  1. Which is the billionth digit of pi?

a.) 1

b.) 7

c.) 9

d.) Never been calculated

  1. If a Queen Clownfish dies, what happens?

a.) Males change sex

b.) School dies

c.) All nearby fish perish

d.) Eggs hatch

  1. How long does it take for a proton storm to reach the Earth?

a.) 15 minutes

b.) A few days

c.) 2 Weeks

d.) 397 Days

  1. Where is the Sea of Tranquillity located?

a.) Earth’s Core

b.) None of these

c.) Antarctica

d.) Inside Mount Fuji



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