Best Tsunami Facts Video for Kids

                                                  Tsunami Facts

Tsunami is a Japanese word which means ‘harbor wave’. The Tsunami is one of the world’s most powerful and destructive natural forces. Sometimes they are called tidal waves but they are completely different from tidal waves. They are huge water waves which are generally caused by volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.

Quick Facts: –

  • A tsunami can drag a boat from the sea and leave it high and dry.
  • It travels with a speed of about 475mph in 15,000 feet of water.
  • About 80% of tsunamis happen within the Ring of Fire, an area encircling the Pacific Ocean because more than 50% of active volcanoes exist in that region.
  • Tsunami waves can be as huge as 100 feet.
  • They are also known as killer waves.
  • Deep in the ocean, tsunamis are only 1-3 feet long.
  • Tsunamis are caused by volcanic eruptions or underwater earthquakes.
  • On an average, 2 tsunamis occur per year throughout the world.

Some of the most damaging Tsunami: –

  • Asia: – In 2004, Asian tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
  • Japan: – In 2011, major tsunami generated in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Alaska: – Major tsunamis in 1946, 1957, 1958, 1964 and 1965.