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                                                   Zoologist Facts

A zoologist is a person who studies the behavior, physiology, and classification of both types of animals living and extinct. Basically, what they do is observe animals in their natural habitat. It includes doing researches and writing reports on that as well. It is a time-consuming process so the person needs to be patient and comfortable in working in a variety of environments and locations. Zoologists can be involved in conservation, protecting endangered animals and their habitats. Zoology is a life science like biology. The term zoology has been derived from the Greek word zo that means animals.

Quick Facts: –

  • They study many things like animal species, population, interaction, their distribution etc.
  • Zoology is divided into various different fields like mammalogy, ornithology, herpetology, malacology etc.
  • A zoologist specializes in extinct animals then he is known as paleozoologist.
  • The field of zoology in which the geographical distribution of animal is studied is known as zoogeography.
  • The main purpose of zoologist is to identify all the animals through classification which is done by comparing the features of a group of animals.
  • These characters or features are generally determined in laboratories and sometimes in the field as well.
  • Zoologists working in national parks and zoos also educate park visitors about the local wildlife.
  • A bachelor’s degree in zoology is the minimum qualification required for entry-level positions and higher degrees are required for conducting research work.
  • Zoologists also determine the impacts of human on animal population due to factors like pollution and hunting.


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