Black Hole Facts Video for Kids

                                                   Black Hole Facts

A black hole can be defined as a densely packed matter so that nothing can escape from there. Not even light can escape. This space has a huge gravity pull. As the name implies, a black hole is entirely black. It cannot be sensed directly by using any type of instruments or electromagnetic radiation. Probably the Milky Way also has a huge super massive black hole in its middle but our planet is not in any danger of getting swallowed.

Quick Facts: –

  • Some famous black holes are: – M87, Centaurus A, Sagittarius A*, Cygnus X-1 etc. Cygnus X-1 was the first black hole ever found.
  • Anything that is getting sucked in by a black hole can never escape from there.
  • A point at which the chances of returning, disappear completely for a matter, is known as the ‘event horizon’. It is also known as the point of no return.
  • Contrary to common belief, a black hole is not funnel shaped. It is spherical.
  • There are different types of black holes: – spinning black holes, electrical black holes and spinning electrical black holes.
  • A black hole eventually evaporates over time.
  • In 1783, John Mitchell developed a theory of black holes. Albert Einstein revived the same theory in 1916.
  • A star passing closely to a black hole can be torn apart.
  • If a person falls into a black hole then he would be stretched to death. He would be spagettified.
  • Some scientists believe that every black hole contains a universe.
  • Theoretically, anything can become a black hole.
  • Wormholes appear similar to black holes.
  • Small black holes may have formed immediately after the Big Bang.