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Brushing Teeth in Space Facts for Kids Video


Be captivated seeing the coolest selected and really easy to comprehend Brushing Teeth in Space simple science for children video:

                                         Brushing Teeth in Space

Have you wondered how astronauts perform their basic cores while on International Space Station? From Brushing Teeth in Space to clipping nails, making a sandwich etc are a few simple tasks we take for granted on Earth. They don’t have running water, a tap or a sink in space. All these tasks become trickier in the weightless conditions because the water would start floating everywhere on the space station.

A typical day in space starts a lot like a day on the ground, except that you are floating. Astronauts living on the International Space Station still have to brush their teeth every day, preferably at least twice a day.

To Brush their teeth, astronauts squeeze a small amount of water out of a bag and catch a floating droplet on the bristles. They close the nozzle very carefully to avoid dislodging the water ball. Once the bristles have absorbed the water, they get rid of the excess water on the toothbrush. They apply some toothpaste on the brush and once done with brushing their teeth, they get a mouthful of toothpaste stuff. They have to swallow it down. This is the reason why they have to be very careful about how much toothpaste they use.

To get rid of that awful taste of toothpaste stuff, they put a bit of water in their mouth, swish it around and then swallow it again.

In zero gravity, some things are easier like moving medium or objects with larger mass around but many things are more difficult.



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