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Like Rwanda, Burundi is a small, poor, crowded country in Central Africa. And like Rwanda, Burundi endures conflicts between the majority Hutu tribe and the minority Tutsi tribe. Most government and army leaders are Tutsi, although the Tutsi tribe makes up only 14 percent of the people. Burundi has rainforests and fertile farmland. Most people here are farmers.

Fun Geography for Kids on  Burundi – Flag of a  Burundi

Fun Facts

  • 8.7 million people live in Burundi.
  • The country has 10,740 square miles of land.
  • The official languages in Burundi are French and Kirundi.
  • Christianity and native faiths are the major religions.
  • The life expectancy in Burundi is 51 years.


  1. Crowded: filled – in this case, with people
  2. Conflict: disagreement, fighting
  3. Majority: the larger group of people
  4. Minority: the smaller group of people

Learn More

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Extra Credit

Question: Is Burundi at war right now?

As of 2013, the country installed a new government and has hopes for peace. Only time will tell.