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Carbon Dioxide Easy Science Fair Projects Video for Kids

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                            Carbon dioxide Science Fair Project

This video is all about a simple science experiment of Carbon dioxide. In this video it is demonstrated that how carbon dioxide changes its state from solid to a gas. This entire process is called sublimation. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. In England, it is called cardice.

Required Materials: –

  • Warm water
  • A large bowl
  • Dry ice (solid CO2)
  • 1 inch cloth
  • Liquid soap
  • Lemonade

Procedure: –

  • First of all we will take warm water in a bowl.
  • Then we will put the dry ice in that warm water.
  • Right now, it is in solid state but when it will come in contact with warm water, it will start bubble formation.
  • We will try to make a layer of that solution with the cloth so that a bubble can be formed.
  • It will make a bubble and that bubble will keep increasing its size until it pops out itself by the increment in carbon dioxide gas.
  • We will add some liquid soap into so that more bubbles can be produced.
  • And then, we will take lemonade in a glass and add some dry ice into that lemonade.
  • Once the dry ice will be completely dissolved, the lemonade is drinkable.




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