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The Seasons
The Seasons

Chad is one of Africa’s poorest nations, mainly because of years and years of fighting. The fighting stems from religious and cultural differences between Muslim groups, who live mostly in Northern Chad, and Christian groups, who live in the south.

Northern Chad is a hot, dry desert, while the southern area is fertile farmland. Here, people grow cotton, millet and sorghum and raise cattle.

Fun Geography for Kids on Chad – Flag of a   Chad

Fun Facts

  • 11.8 million people live in Chad.
  • The country has 495,800 square miles of land.
  • French and Arabic are the most common languages.
  • The major religions include Christianity and Islam.
  • The life expectancy in Chad is 50 years.


  1. Stem: originates, comes from
  2. Fertile: prosperous, rich
  3. Farmland: land good for growing crops

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Extra Credit

Question: What other ways to the people in Chad earn money?

Answer: In 2004, the country began producing oil, which brings in money to both workers and the country.