Chemistry 101

The Seasons x
The Seasons

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and how they work together. It is similar to physics. Before chemistry, early scientists studied alchemy. These scientists wanted to understand how the world worked. They were looking for wisdom and knowledge.

They attempted to make unusual or valuable products from other materials. For example, alchemists wanted to know how to make gold. They tried to make a potion that would give eternal life. Chemistry evolved from these early explorations.


Fun Facts

  • All matter is made from chemical elements.
  • The periodic table lists these elements in order of how many protons they have. Basically, simpler elements are listed first.
  • Most elements are metals. These metals are usually gray or silver. Gold and copper are the exceptions.


Chemistry Vocabulary

Alchemy: An ancient study of matter and the world.

Evolve: Develop or change from an earlier – usually simpler – form.

Element: Substance made of atoms.


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Q and A

Question: Why does the study of matter, well, matter?

Answer: Matter is all around us. Understanding it helps us understand our world. Basic chemistry knowledge can help you bake a cake or take care of yourself when you’re sick. Without an understanding of chemistry, we wouldn’t have cars, modern homes, or prescription medicines.