Chemistry Glossary

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The study of chemistry includes words that you might not have heard before. Words like elements or protons. Understanding what basic chemistry words mean will help you enjoy studying chemistry more. Below are the most common chemistry words you’ll find:

Acid: A chemical that tastes sour and can corrode (damage or eat away) metal and other substances. Vinegar is a common acid

Atom: The smallest part of matter

Base: The opposite of an acid. A base has a bitter taste. Baking soda is a base.

Chemical properties: How matter or a compound behaves

Chemist: Someone who studies chemistry

Compound: Two or more elements combined or bound together

Electron: Part of an atom that is negatively charged and orbits the nucleus

Element: Matter that is made from only one type of atom

Matter: Anything that takes up space or has mass or weight

Neutron: Uncharged parts of an atom that are found in the nucleus

Nucleus: Group of neutrons and protons in the center of an atom

Periodic Table of Elements: A table or chart listing elements by their weight (smallest elements first)

Proton: Positively charged particles of an atom that are found in the nucleus.