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Chemistry Safety


The inventor, Thomas Edison, loved learning and experimenting. His mother taught him at home and let him create a chemistry lab in the basement. As a young teenager, Edison got a job working on a train. He was kicked off the train after one of his science experiments set a train car on fire. The moral to this story: Be careful! Chemistry can be dangerous.

Fun Facts

  • Some chemicals can release harmful gases when mixed together. Never mix cleaning supplies.
  • Some chemicals can burn your eyes, skin, or nose. Always wear goggles and gloves.
  • Always ask an adult before you conduct science experiments or mix any products together. Better to be safe than sorry.


Acid: a highly corrosive substance that can cause skin irritation or burns. Acids can also destroy surfaces.

Goggles: protective eye wear

Reaction: the results when substances are mixed, e.g., bubbles and foam appear when you mix vinegar and baking soda

Q and A

Question: How do I know if a chemical is dangerous?

Answer: Most household products contain warning labels on the package. Always check with an adult too.

Learn More

Visit Farm Safety for Kids for more information on safely handling chemicals.
Head over to the EPA to learn about common household chemicals.



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