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Clementines are the perfect snack. They’re small, seedless, and easy to peel. They’re also nutritious because they’re loaded with fiber and vitamin C. Clementines are related to oranges and they’re citrus fruits.


Fun Facts

  • Clementines are a type of mandarin orange. Mandarin oranges, including clementines and tangerines, are smaller than other oranges. They have a squat shape and they’re easy to peel. Clementines are the smallest mandarin oranges.
  • These tiny, sweet fruits are a cross between sweet oranges and mandarins. They were accidentally created in 1902 by Clement Rodier, whom the fruit was named for. They have less acid than naval oranges and are usually sweeter.
  • Similar varieties of oranges have been grown in China for hundreds of years.
  • Farmers began growing them in 1914 in California. Today, California is still a major grower in the U.S.
  • Clementines are in season during December and January. They’re sometimes called “Christmas oranges.”
  • Store clementines in a basket or bowl on your counter top. Don’t store them in plastic or in the refrigerator.



  1. Citrus: fruits, such as grapefruits, oranges, limes, and lemons, that grow on evergreen trees in warm climates.
  2. Acid: a substance sometimes found in food


Questions and Answers

Question: Are Cuties a type of clementine?

Answer: Yes, Cuties are a popular brand of clementine.


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