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                                                   Computer Facts

Computer has become an important part of our daily lives. If a computer can be made as powerful as human brain then it would be able to do 38,000 trillion operations per second. It could store more than 3580 Terabytes of data. The first ever computer mouse was made of wood and it was invented by American engineer Doug Engelbert in 1964.

The original name of Windows was Interface Manager. The IBM PC was designed by a group of 12 engineers. The group had a codename ‘The Dirty Dozen’.

Quick Facts: –

  • The first ever electronic computer was named as ENIAC. It weighed 27 tons and was spread over 1800 square feet.
  • The heaviest desktop computer ever made was IBM 5120 which was created in 1960. It weighed 105 pounds.
  • Normally we blink around 20 times in a minute while working on the system; we blink our eyes just 7 times in a minute.
  • The longest dictionary word that can be typed using keys in just one row is ‘Typewriter’.
  • The first ever domain name was registered as The registration was done for free.
  • Domain registration was free until September 1995.
  • The first ever hard disk drive was made in 1979. This hard disk drive could hold only 5MB of data.
  • Hitachi developed the first ever one terabyte hard disk in 2007.
  • Email was invented even before the World Wide Web was introduced.
  • Intel created fist microprocessor named as Intel 4004. It consisted only 2,300 transistors.


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