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Latin Words

The Seasons video

                                                              Latin Words

This video shares some words that have Greek and Latin roots. The video gives a list of words, reads it to demonstrate how they are pronounced, and gives an example on how the words are used in a sentence. There are a few amazing facts about the Latin language that are mentioned below: –

  • Latin is the classical and cultural language of Western Europe. This language belonged to the Indo-European language family.
  • It was one of the most important languages in most parts of the Europe during the Middle Ages. It was mainly spoken by ancient Romans.
  • All the five main romance languages which include French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish are connected to Latin.
  • Even though no one speaks Latin as their first language any more, many people study it in school.
  • It was important to Christianity for a long time and it is still used during some religious activities.
  • Classic Latin was the official language of the Ancient Rome. It was used in the 1st century BC.
  • It was the language of more educated people like intellectuals, poets, and philosophers.
  • It was originally spoken by small groups that lived along the lower part of the Tiber River.
  • During the Middle Ages, Latin was most widely used in the West for scholarly and literary purposes.
  • Now it is used to create new words in modern languages including English.


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