Cow Facts Video for Kids

                               Amazing facts about cows

This Video reveals some lesser-known facts about cows like-

  • Cows like to sleep close to their families.
  • As human form close friendships, similarly cows also form a special bond with other cattle. They choose to spend most of their time with 2-4 preferred individuals.
  • They can also fly in to a rage for years and a particular individual for a long time.

Which one is the most common breed in dairy cows?

  • Holstein is the most common dairy cow but it is not the only cattle breed that produces dairy products.

What is the first milk called, produced by a cow after giving birth?

  • Colostrum is the first milk of a cow after giving birth.

How is Colostrum helpful to fight infection and diseases in a newborn calf?

  • Calves are born with no immunity against diseases. A good quality Colostrum is full of antibodies necessary to transfer immunity.

What are the six basic nutrients required by animals?

  • Water – 13-15% (dried for storage)

20-35% (moisture)

  • Protein – 7-9%
  • Carbohydrate – mainly in starch portion
  • Fat – mainly in the oil portion
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

How much time should an exhibitor take to train cows before a show?

  • Approximately 2 months.

What are the most popular breeds of cows in the US?

  • Holstein, Kerry, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Dutch Belted etc.

What is called Gestation period?

  • The time period between mating and giving birth is called Gestation period.

What is Gestation period for a dairy cow?

  • 280 days (approximately)

How to prevent navel infections in newborn calves?

  • By dipping their navel in iodine but it will not replace a clean environment or good hygiene.

What is the weight of a newborn calf?

  • 75-100 pounds (approximately)

Which hormone is important for milking process?

  • Oxytocin