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Crop Circles


You’ve probably seen photos of crop circles – intricate geometric shapes carved into a farmer’s field. Are they made by aliens? Magic? If not, how could humans possibly make them?


Fun Facts

  • Crop circles have been around since the 1600s. Originally, people believed they were created by the devil or by fairies. In recent years, people have wondered if they were made by aliens.
  • Scientists believe they’re man-made. In fact, several people have come forward and admitted to making these circles. Matthew Williams, an experienced crop circle builder, was prosecuted for his mischief-making.
  • Crop circle makers prefer fields of canola, barley, or wheat. They work by the light of the moon. Using flashlights could give them away.
  • How are they made? Under the cover of night, small teams of people sneak into fields. Using ropes and planks of wood, they flatten the plants to create intricate designs. They often use surveying equipment and GPS to ensure the designs are straight and accurate.
  • Crop circles cause damage to farmers’ crops. Some farmers have begun charging people an admission fee to see the crop circles. This admission fee helps pay for the damage.
  • Crop circle makers enjoy the fuss people make over their work.
  • Many people still believe crop circles are a sign of UFO landings or other mystical happenings. They follow and study the circles.



  1. Alien: from another world
  2. Admission fee: a fee charged to enter


Questions and Answers

Question: Why do crop circle makers do what they do?

Answer: Crop circle makers often see their work as an art form. Their secret identity adds to their allure. Additionally, most crop circles appear near Stonehenge in England. The area around Stonehenge is rich in legends and stories of ghosts, mystical energy, fairies, and coachmen. Sometimes, crop circle makers want to believe in these legends just as much as the people who follow and study crop circles.


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