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Cupid, who is also known as Eros, is the Roman god of beauty and love. He is also believed to be the son of goddess Venus. He looks more like a baby with a rosy pink face, chubby body, and wings. He holds a bow and a quiver filled with golden and leaden arrows.

He fires golden arrows at people to make them fall in love and leaden arrows to make them fall out of love. This bow and arrow is the source of Cupid’s power. His Roman name is Cupido that means ‘desire’. Cupid has a second Latin name Amor as well.


Fun Facts: –

  • Cupid is a symbol of Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.
  • His lover’s name was Psyche and they both had a daughter named Voluptas.
  • Cupid’s mother Venus was very jealous of Psyche because of her beauty.
  • Venus shot Psyche with an arrow so that she can fall in love with the most horrifying being in the entire world.
  • Eventually, Cupid fell in love with Psyche. He visited her every night but never allowed her to look at him.
  • One night, out of curiosity, Psyche turned and looked at Cupid when he came to her room. He got angry and flew away.
  • Psyche searched the entire world but couldn’t find him.
  • Then she went to the temple of Venus and wanted to destroy it but then Venus promised that she will help her to find Cupid if she will complete some given tasks.
  • Psyche completed every task except the last one. It was to get a sealed box from the underworld.
  • She was told to not open the box but she did. After opening the box, she fell into a deep sleep.
  • Cupid came there and released her from eternal sleep.
  • Jupiter also helped her by making her immortal so that she can be with the love of her life forever.
  • ‘Cupid and Psyche’ is also an old Greek myth. It was first written by Apuleius in the 2nd century




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