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Define Polymer Video for Kids


Ths is an informative video explaining a lot of interesting facts about polymers:

                                               Polymer Facts

The word, Polymer is derived from the Greek words ‘Poly’ that means many and ‘Mer’ means units. A polymer can be defined as something which is made up of two or more molecules joined together to form a long chain. These molecules decide the behaviour of that particular polymer. A single polymer molecule is made out of many monomers.

Quick Facts: –

  • A polymer can be described as repetition of a single unit.
  • The no. of these repetitions is called ‘Degree of Polymerization’.
  • There are two types of polymers, Linear and Branched.
  • A Polymer can be both, thermal and electrical insulator.
  • Polymers are highly chemical resistant.
  • Areas of application of polymers are: – agriculture, medicine, sport, industry etc.
  • Most of them are flexible and lightweight.
  • Formation of cross links in a polymer makes it stronger and more elastic. These polymers are known as elastomers.
  • Usually polymers are made up of petroleum but not always.
  • Some examples of common addition polymers are: – Low density Polyethylene, High density Polyethylene, Polystyrene etc.
  • Polyester is a type of condensation polymers.
  • If a polymer is derived from two different monomers then it is known as copolymer.




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