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The Dilophosaurus had a large crest on its skull, made from delicate bone. This crest wasn’t strong enough to be a weapon, but was probably used to intimidate or impress. Because it was one of the largest animals alive during its time, its short, curved teeth were probably just right since it wasn’t hunting large prey.

Fun Facts

  • The dilophosaurus lived 193 million years ago, during the early Jurassic Period.
  • This meat-eating dinosaur grew 23 feet long, from nose to tail.
  • Its name means “Two Crested Lizard.” Its species name, wetherilli, comes from Navajo councilor, John Wetherill, who lived where the dinosaur was found.
  • The Dilophosaurus was the largest of the Coelophysoids, a meat-eating group of dinosaurs living during the Triassic and Jurassic Periods.
  • It had hollow bones and a long neck, legs, and tail.
  • Dilophosaurus probably used its claws and arms for hunting and fighting, and it might have eaten fish in addition to smaller mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.


Questions and Answers

Question: Is Dilophosaurus a well-known dinosaur?

Answer: It became more well-known after it was featured in the first Jurassic Park movie. It was portrayed inaccurately in the movie though. It didn’t have a large fringe around its neck, and it probably couldn’t spit venom.


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