Diving Into the Pitch Black Depth of Deepest Sea in a Submersible Vehicle Facts for Kids Video

                                               Submersible Facts

A submersible vehicle can be defined as a special type of watercraft that can submerge and operate completely underwater. These watercrafts are designed differently. They are commonly known as submarines. They are used by the military as a part of navy forces. There are a variety of non-military purposes like marine research, salvage missions etc. for which submersible watercrafts are used. They are constructed in a variety of sizes and shapes. The first ever military submarine was built in 1775 and named as ‘Turtle’ invented by an American David Bushnell. It could hold only one person at a time.

Quick Facts:

  • Torpedoes are the most important weapon used by submarines. They were developed in the 19th century.
  • A submarine has compartments which are known as ballasts. These are huge tanks that get filled with water when submerging.
  • When the vessel rises back to the surface, it empties these tanks and fills them with air.
  • Some modern submarines can stay underwater for up to 6 months.
  • A Russian submarine named as Kursk lost all of its 118 crew members after several explosions inside it in 2000.
  • These watercrafts use seawater to flush their toilets.
  • A nuclear submarine is a ship that primarily functions underwater and powered by atomic energy.
  • The USS Nautilus was the first nuclear submarine that was launched in 1954.
  • A nuclear submarine can dive about 800 feet deep.
  • Modern submarines do not have windows. They use periscope for seeing when closer to the surface.
  • There are two basic types of unmanned spacecraft which are Remotely Operated Vehicle and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.