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Dome of the Rock


Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem, Israel. It was built by the Muslim ruler Abd el-Malik in 688 and completed in 691-92CE. It is built on a rock which is sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians. It is believed to be the place where, according to Muslim’s belief, Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Jews believe that this is the place where Abraham, the progenitor and first patriarch of the Hebrew people, is said to have prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.


Quick Facts: –

  • The Dome of the Rock is the oldest extant Islamic monument.
  • This structure’s construction represents an early stage in the emergence of a distinct Islamic visual style.
  • The dome is approximately 20 meters in diameter and is mounted on an elevated drum.
  • This dome is octagonal in shape and its most distinct feature is the golden dome.
  • The dome was originally made of gold, but was replaced with copper and then aluminum. The aluminum is now covered with gold leaf.
  • The outer walls also form an octagon, with each of the eight sides being approximately 18 meters.
  • The original function and significant of this monument are uncertain.
  • This monument’s composition relates it to a class of Byzantine religious buildings known as martyria.
  • A portion of the sacred rock is exposed below the dome. It is protected by a railing.
  • The interior of the great golden dome, features elaborate floral decorations in red and gold along with various inscriptions.



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