Early Dinosaur Evolution Video for Kids

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                                                Dinosaur Evolution

Dinosaur evolution can be traced back over 400 million years to an era called the Devonian Period. It is believed that they evolved from other reptiles including the socket-toothed archosaurs during the Triassic Period. During the same time, mammals also evolved.

The earliest dinosaurs were small in size and lightly built. Dinosaurs ruled the world during the Mesozoic Era. Their number increased during the Jurassic Period. Many scientists believe that modern day birds have been descended from dinosaurs.


Quick Facts: –

  • The archosaurs were most closely related to the dinosaurs are forms such as Marasuchus.
  • The world’s oldest-known dinosaurs were found on Madagascar which is an island in Southeast Africa.
  • The earliest known dinosaur was Eoraptor lunensis. It lived about 228 million years ago.
  • Just before the start of the Jurassic Period, a categorization of dinosaurs took place. Those two categories are saurischian and ornithischian.
  • During the Triassic period, all the continents of the planet were joined together and formed a supercontinent called Pangaea.
  • This supercontinent started to break up during the Jurassic Period. It was due to the mechanism plate tectonics.
  • The climate was mild though still warm during this era. This climate also allowed the largest dinosaurs to evolve.
  • The largest carnivore of the early Jurassic Period was the double-crested dinosaur named as Dilophosaurus.