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Egg Drop Project Facts for Kids Video


Egg drop project

What happens when we drop an egg from a height? It will break itself in small pieces. In this video, we are doing an experiment to prevent the egg from breaking while dropping it down. We can create cushion padding by using various methods to protect the egg.

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In this video, paper towels have been used to create the cushioning system. For this, we will need following materials: –

  • Paper towels
  • Egg
  • Tape
  • Plastic bag

Procedure: –

  • We will use paper towels to distribute the force of the impact.
  • Use around 30 paper towels to create a secure padding around the egg.
  • Wrap them tightly around the eggs.
  • Secure both the ends with tape.
  • Put this inside the plastic bag and secure it tightly.

Now, if you will drop this packed egg from a height. Then chances of breaking the egg are less. Although some other methods can also be used.

  • Use cereal to create that padding.
  • Use Popcorn or marshmallows to make a puffy surrounding.
  • Wrap the egg tightly in packing material.
  • Fill a container with salt water and let the egg float into it.




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