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All About Electric Cars

Electric cars are considered alternative fuel automobiles. A rechargeable battery is used to store the electric energy that powers the motor and turns the wheels. When an electric car is out of fuel, it is plugged in at home or at a charging station.

Fun Facts

● Electric cars are becoming more popular and manufacturers are building more of them. One important reason is that they are better for the environment. All-electric vehicles produce zero emissions or exhaust from a tailpipe. They are also quiet.
● It costs less, around half, to refuel an electric car than it does to refuel a car with an internal combustion engine (gas-powered).
● Around 80% of the energy created by the battery in an electric car is used to power the car. Only 12% – 30% of the fuel you put in a conventional gas-powered car is actually used to move the car down the road.
● Technology is constantly improving in the electric car industry. Many all-electric cars can go over 200 miles on a single charge. Some can go over 300 miles!
● Charging stations are not as common as gas stations, but they are becoming more common. There are thousands in the United States, most commonly in urban areas.
● Most people drive fewer than 40 miles a day, so electric cars are easily recharged at home to refuel for the next day.
● HEV stands for hybrid electric vehicle and PHEV stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. These are vehicles that have both a combustion engine and an electric motor. HEV’s cannot be plugged into an outside electrical power source. PEHV’s have a larger and more powerful electric battery. FCEV’s, or fuel cell electric vehicles are powered by hydrogen.
● Electric cars are not new. They were built as early as the 1930”s! They were most popular around 1900 and more were sold than any other kind of car. They eventually became less popular as gasoline and diesel-powered cars improved. Major companies started building electric cars again in the 1990’s.
● Electric cars are better for the environment, but they likely cause some pollution indirectly. The electricity needs to be produced and might come from a non-renewable source.


Charging Station: A machine with a place to plug in your electric car and recharge the battery.
Combustion engine. Combustion involves burning. A combustion engine is one that burns fuel to produce energy and power the vehicle.

Questions and Answers

Question: How long does it take to charge an electric car?

Answer: It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge an electric car. The time varies depending on the size of the battery and the power of the charging station.

Question: Can you plug an electric car into a typical household outlet?

Answer: Yes, most electric cars can be plugged into a standard household outlet. It won’t charge very fast, but you can leave it in overnight.

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