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Facts About Mississippi for Kids Video


                                                   Mississippi Facts

Mississippi is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. This state is named after Mississippi river. The word Mississippi comes from a word ‘messipi’ given by Ojibwa tribe that means Great River. It is the largest river in America. Dr. James Hardy performed the first animal-human heart transplant at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1963.

Quick Facts: –

  • Mississippi was the first state to have well-planned system of junior colleges.
  • This state produces more than 60% of America’s farm raised catfish.
  • Greenwood is best known as the cotton capital of the world.
  • This state covers an area of 46, 923.27 square miles and has a population of about 2.984 million.
  • In 1898, Edward Adolf Barq, Sr. invented Root beer in Bilox, Mississippi.
  • The state flower and the state tree of Mississippi both is magnolia.
  • Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlour in Mississippi was the first store that started selling shoes in pair in 1884.
  • There are total 21 states in the US that have milk as their state beverage. Mississippi is one of them.
  • Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi.
  • The first female rural mail carrier in the US was Mrs. Mamie Thomas. She used a buggy to deliver mail to the Southeast of Vicksburg in 1914.
  • There are only four cities in the world that are sanctioned by the ITDC to host the International Ballet Competition. ITDC stands for International Theatre Dance Committee.
  • The world’s only cactus plantation is located in Edwards.


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